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Jimmy Girot leads Trudy Shelley and Chris Papandria through some TRX exercises at Geist Fitness.

From early morning infomercials to clever email subject lines, our health and fitness lenses are saturated with confusing and misleading information. With looming New Year resolutions, the task of choosing an exercise regimen is often daunting. Every person is different, and every person requires a different exercise prescription. While your options are plentiful, there are options backed by research, and these proven exercise prescriptions are offered in your community.

One of these options is called Suspension Training, an effective and efficient blend of movement made popular by the TRX Suspension Trainer. When you hear “suspension training,” you may imagine gymnastic rings and leaping through suspended flaming hoops. However, the versatility of TRX Suspension Training is unmatched, and its ability to adapt to any fitness level is inspiring.

Simply put, TRX Suspension Training involves two anchored straps with handles on the end of each, allowing the user to leverage gravity and his or her body to perform a plethora of bodyweight exercises. The versatility of the TRX Suspension Trainer lies in your ability to control the difficulty and effectiveness of each exercise by simply changing your position in relation to the anchor point.

The versatility of the TRX Suspension Trainer lies in your ability to control the difficulty and effectiveness of each exercise by simply changing your position in relation to the anchor point.

Whether you’re already in great shape or you are just beginning your path to fitness, TRX Suspension Training will effectively and safely address your physical needs. Training with the TRX Suspension Trainer is fun, sustainable and offers a training philosophy with measurable results.

Although TRX Suspension Training was founded by a Navy Seal and is used by hundreds of notable professional athletes, perhaps its most successful market is within physical rehabilitation. Furthermore, general population users and baby boomers across the nation have harnessed the safe versatility of TRX Suspension Training.

This ground-breaking fitness tool is often the center of large group exercise classes, classes that are undoubtedly fun and effective. While these large group exercise classes may be a great option for some, you may desire a more private setting in which you receive professional instruction.

At Geist Fitness, the TRX Suspension Training sessions are limited to four users. These small group training sessions, which include fitness levels from knee replacement patients to competitive golfers, are specifically-designed by certified personal trainers with Exercise Science degrees. The focus of a personal training session at the price of a group exercise class, the value and effectiveness of this TRX Suspension Training experience is unmatched.

If you’re ready to start a fitness journey in 2014, consider what the experts are using and calling The Future of Fitness, TRX Suspension Training.

A certified and degreed Personal Trainer at Geist Fitness, Jimmy Girot III specializes in both private and small group exercise prescription for special populations and baby boomers.

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