Geist Sertoma Club Looking for a Few Good Men or Women

The club has just completed two meetings focused on sponsorship plans for 2007. It has been agreed to commit, subject to change, a record high amount of $21,750 to a number of community agencies that have earned our respect for their positive impact in the local area.
Targets for the funds will include the Children’s Bureau, school children clothing support of three needy families, ESC Youth Education Program, Indy Warriors, Lawrence Youth Corps, Oaklandon Christian Church food pantry for the needy, Salvation Army, Second Helpings, Sertoma Freedom Essay Contest, Success by Six Imagination Library, Timmy Foundation, Westminster Village-North, and the Indiana School for the Deaf. We continue looking for appropriate targets that will fit within our available funds, after allowing for the newly-established Sponsorship Funds Reserve.
The Geist club members give many hours of time to the community every year, including our longest running sponsorship which is our Meals on Wheels delivery each Tuesday–something we’ve been doing since 1994. The club is pleased to be able to generate funds to support such a Sponsorship Program as planned for 2007.
Are you are interested in giving something back to your community? Interested in supporting local charities like those listed above? Then call Russ Desserich 595 0254 or email me at
The Geist Sertoma welcomes women members unlike some other Sertoma clubs. Sertoma is an acronym that stands for SEvice TO MAnkind.

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