Simeri’s Italian Opens at Geist

Owner Arec Simeri with Dad, Danny and brother, Christopher.

Simeri’s Italian Restaurant opens in Geist (10410 Olio Road, McCordsville, IN 46040) after much anticipation from area neighbors and a growing following on their facebook page.

Arec Simeri – who owns the restaurant with his father, Danny, and his brother, Christopher, with sister, Anna, managing the bar — is no stranger to restaurants using social media. The first-time restaurant owner worked at Scotty’s Lakehouse prior to opening his own place. The Simeri family has also been in the restaurant business for several decades with pizza shops in northern Indiana.

“We kept hearing how this area needed an authentic Italian restaurant,” says Arec. “So we’re opening just that with some of great grandmother’s – “Nanna’s” — recipes that were brought over from Italy.”

The result is a relaxed restaurant/bar with tables covered in checkerboard tablecloths and a menu of pasta, pizza, and sandwiches including the crowning jewel of the kitchen, “Rocco’s Meatball Sub,” named after yet another relative. “Its covered in our special marinara sauce,” says Arec. “You gotta try it!”

The Simeri family also takes pride in their beer selection which features several local producers such as “Three Floyds Brewing” and seasonals from Sun King.

While I was visitng Simeri’s, several stopped in to check it out; and one guest requested a gift certificate. “We don’t have any printed up yet,” explained Arec, who thought for a moment and then had another response. “But, if you give me a minute, I will make you one!”
Now that’s the local feel you want from a neighborhood Italian restaurant.

Mamma Mia! “Nanna” would be proud!

For more information, visit their facebook page or call 317-589-8557.

Simeri’s Italian Restaurant is located on the northeast corner of 104th and Olio Road next to Bubbaz Bar & Grill.

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  1. proudmomma09 says - Posted: January 13, 2013

    We were not impressed at all with Simeri's. It's supposed to be family friendly but it was SO loud in there due to many tv's showing sports games and the guys yelling at the bar. I would never take my child there with the noise. Also, the food was not at all great. The menu itself was so small. It consisted of spaghetti (wow, I can make that at home), a few different sandwiches, and pizza. The apps were breadsticks. We knew we would be disappointed once we saw the small menu but we figured we would try it since we were already there. The food was "ok". We had breadsticks and two sandwiches and it cost us $40. Wow! The waitress was nice but she never came around and checked on us. We were very disappointed and we won't be back.

  2. Sandy says - Posted: August 25, 2013

    My daughter and I went to Simeri's for dinner. The menu seemed ok and because we wanted spaghetti that is what we ordered. We also ordered the side salad which came in a small bowl , one hard as a rock crouton and a hint of dressing which was hard to find. The spaghetti was cold, sitting in water with canned tomato sauce poured over the top of one large frozen meatball. We did try to eat it but then came upon 2 small pieces of what looked like chicken. We were charged 4$ for each salad and 2.40 for our cokes. We sent back our dinners and were given pizza . The crust was burned , it was dry and imagine our surprise to see the same canned tomato sauce on the pizza. Our tab was over 30$ which did not include the spaghetti meals. I suggest they stick to being a sports bar with appetizers and beer .

  3. J L G says - Posted: September 29, 2013

    My husband and I had the most miserable dining experience last week at Simeris. The noise was extreme, seating was tight & we are small people; kids were screaming because it was loud they joined in & parents were so busy talking to others, didn't manage the throwing of food by kids. We ordered a simple sausage, mushroom, pepperoni pizza & one salad. After waiting 50 min & watching new customers get their orders, a pizza was dumped on our table while waitress continued to another table. IT WAS Jalapeños, green pepper pizza. We called her back, she took it back, then came out to the bar to talk to friends, NEVER said a thing to us. WE WALKED OUT.

  4. Nic Southampton NY says - Posted: January 6, 2014

    For me, Simeri's is a good place to hang out and party with friends. I would not advise it for family occasions. The food was good anyway.

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