It isn’t easy in the business world to convey a mission statement that speaks to the core of your business operation.

“We spent a lot of time on the genuine nature of our new partnership as we opened our new branch office in Fishers with Raymond James & Associates,” said Bill Gray, Senior Vice President of Investments and Branch Manager.

“It was important for us as financial investment advisors to connect with the public and business leaders in the corporate world with a simplistic way to describe the role we play in helping them prepare for the future,” added David J. Brandvik (Senior Vice President, Investments Financial Advisor).

“As partners, we have over 30 years each in the financial investment field. As a team, we have worked together over the years helping so many clients with their goal of finding managers and success in financial paths that can generate returns for the risk being assumed,” added David R. Slaughter (Senior Vice President, Investments Financial Advisor).

Gray has a long-time interest in history, especially American Indian. He has a farm in Green County with a prehistoric Indian village located on his property. It seemed natural that he would connect the name “Sagamore” with Indian history that documents that the chiefs of Indian tribes created a special Wisdom Council advisor to turn to for guidance when confronting important life issues. This wisdom counselor, called a Sagamore, was seen as a trusted confidant to the chief and his tribe.

“This is exactly what we do, so the name Sagamore connects and reflects the trust that is so needed in an advising role such as we have at Raymond James,” added Brandvik.

Thus, this core team of Sagamore Advisors of Raymond James & Associates, Inc., certainly fit together perfectly with these investment partners who are located in a community where they work and live. They bring to the table simplicity, focus and balance in creating a comprehensive wealth plan for you and your family.

The world of financial investment can be a very gray and complicated matter for most of us, but the partners took me through a very simple foundation platform of how they work with each presenting new client. Let me share their personalized process:

SIMPLICITY: As financial investment officers, they do the work for their clients as they walk the client through an evolutionary six-step process of development in a wealth plan that will meet individual or company needs.

FOCUS: Results, by not following trends. They provide rational and disciplined approaches that remove the emotional aspect of asset allocation and avoid trend-chasing behavior. They sit on the client’s side of the table to help find the best investment strategy that fits each client’s unique needs and circumstances.

BALANCE: Managing risks, creating exceptional value. These financial advisors believe that investors should be compensated for the risk they take in their investment portfolios. They evaluate and manage risk/return through the asset allocation process, utilizing forward-looking assumptions to maximize the return potential at any given level of risk. This ‘risk budgeting’ approach seeks to provide better solutions than the ‘rule of thumb’ method used by most other advisors.

“We also have a wealth of experienced nationwide resources (more than 2,600 offices throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas) available to all our clients across a multitude of financial/investment solutions, including helping bring together investment dollars for clients looking to expand or build a new business,” added Brandvik.

It is for certain Gray, Brandvik, and Slaughter are well-situated within our community to help you with trusted financial solutions for your family or your business. They certainly are partners who merit the title they created for their new partnership: Sagamore Advisors of Raymond James & Associates.

For more information or to make an appointment please call David Slaughter, 317-577-6038, or Linda Nolting, Registered Client Service Associate, at 317-577-6024.

The office is located at 9998 Crosspoint Boulevard, Suite 100, Fishers, IN 46256. Be sure to check out their informational website at: