The Original Sweat Scarf is Born

Dana Huston, Geist entrepreneur

Dana Huston, Geist entrepreneur, creates a unique line of sweat scarves.

It all started with a game of tennis! Actually, it was more like right after a game of tennis, when Geist resident Dana Huston had worked up a sweat and needed to wipe her brow! This was the inspiration behind Dana’s new sweat scarf invention.

Dana took up tennis last year and the better she got at her game, the more she would sweat! “It would run in my eyes and burn,” she said. “I thought to myself, there must be something I can wear on the court that keeps the sweat out of my eyes and looks good too.” She wanted something that could be functional and fashionable.

“I tried a few hats, but they got really hot,” says Dana. “And some of the headbands and sweatbands available are right out of the 80s. On a mission, she looked and looked but much to her surprise, found nothing.

So, she decided to design something of her own … and the Sweat Scarf was born!

Sweat Scarves Dana made a trip to the fabric store and found some material that was soft, colorful and absorbent. She cut the fabric in strips and pulled out her hand-me-down sewing machine. “I tried to make a few headbands, but soon realized I needed a little help with the sewing,” laughs Dana. Help was just a phone call away.

Dana called her friend and fellow Geist resident, Holly Ives, who has a lot of experience with upholstery work. “I figured if she can wrap a chair in beautiful fabric, she should be able to figure out a way to wrap my head with this fabric for a scarf!”

Holly accepted the challenge and made some scarves out of the polyester/lycra/spandex material Dana had found. She then added a sweat absorbing patch along the forehead portion of the scarf. The scarf ties at the back or side of your head.

“The sweat scarf is where fashion meets function,” says Dana. “It keeps your hair off your face and the sweat, too. You can leave your workout wearing your sweat scarf and continue your daily errands looking good!”

Dana is also involved in a variety of fitness programs and is the busy wife and mother of three active children. She has a background in sales and marketing and enjoys promoting her business. She developed her own website, set a launch date of 10/10/10 and found a local seamstress to mass produce the scarves. The one early-on problem was that the material she chose for the scarves was disappearing quickly.

“I found out it was actually bathing suit material, which is nearly impossible to find at the end of the summer in Indiana!” says Dana.

The local entrepreneur has since found a West Coast supplier (where bathing suits are worn year round) and the rest is history.

You can check out more of Dana Huston’s story and photos online, and you can purchase the scarves for $18.00-$21.00 at

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