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New Apezza Pizza Opens at Geist

ApeZZa's Steve Wechter

Steve Wechter opens Apezza carry out and delivery pizza.

In a time where pizza prices are down and delivery services are speeding up, a new Geist pizza spot is taking an innovative approach to business. Pizza that is not the cheapest and not the fastest with a motto that reads “life is too short to eat cheap pizza”!

Owner Steve Wechter (formerly of Famous Jacks) opened “Apezza” next door to Mama Bears at Fall Creek and Brook School Road (10122 Brooks School Road).

Despite the fact that several businesses have come and gone in this location, Wechter feels confident he can succeed.

Bella Vita Ristorante obviously did very well here,” says Wechter. “ I think if you give people what they want, you can make it work.”

“We offer really good pizza, breadsticks and wings that are worth the wait.”

Wechter says they make about 77 pounds of fresh dough daily at Apezza along with their own sauce and their own Italian blend of sausage. They also have a secret cheese blend for toppings.

“You won’t find a blanket of plain mozzarella on these pizzas!” added Wechter.

ApeZZa  at Geist A few specialty pizzas are offered, but the basic small pizza starts at $8.95 and the large at $12.95.  Apezza is carry-out and delivery to the immediate Geist area only.

The menu reads:

we could be like everyone else and get your pizza to you in 20 minutes. But if we did that our pizza would taste like the other guys. And honestly we just wouldn’t feel right about that.

They also quote Tom Petty, “The waiting is the hardest part!”

I took pizza and breadsticks home to three good pizza critics–my kids. My 14-year-old said she could fill up on one piece of the pizza it was so hearty! My 12-year-old said the pizza dough breadsticks were her favorite by far, and my 9-year-old boy said, “Who’s Tom Petty anyway?”

So welcome homemade Apezza pizza. And while you are waiting for your carry-out order, check out the fabulous candy selection! It is a blast from the past with Beeman’s gum, Chick-O-Stix and Zero bars.

All in all, it just makes waiting, “the hardest part,” a little more fun!

Phone: 436-8624
Delivery and Carry-Out Only

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Pat Carlini is an experienced television/radio personality associated with NBC in Indianapolis and the syndicated Bob & Tom Show. She can be contacted at patcarlini.com.


  1. My daughter and I tried Apezza a couple weeks ago. We dined in and had great service!! After reading the article above, I realize the owner waited on us! We took his suggestions to try the breadsticks with cheese sauce and they were the best I have had in many, many years!! The pizza was wonderful too and after a breadstick or two, one slice of pizza will fill you up. This is hearty pizza! I was sad to take so much pizza home since I rarely eat left overs, but it heated up great in the oven the next day for lunch. We got several meals out of it! Highly suggest trying if you have not!!

  2. Just tried one of your PAN pizzas and I must say, "It's THE BEST PAN PIZZA I've ever had! I have a massive appetite and I could only handle half of this beast! Exquisite flavor! Excellent value! I'm a fan for life!

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