Vice President of Marketing Cindy Graham inside the new Fishers/Geist retail store, Olio and 116th.

A new Goodwill store opened it’s doors in Geist/Fishers on Valentine’s Day to a group of eager shoppers and a burst of new snow! “I was a little worried the snow would scare away shoppers for our grand opening!” says Cindy Graham, Vice President of Marketing. “But, that wasn’t the case. We had more than 30 people in line and several more waiting in their cars.”

The new 15,000 square foot store is located at 11501 Geist Pavilion Drive, near 116th Street and Olio Road, in the former home of Party Tree. It is the 47th Goodwill retail store in central Indiana, 8th in Hamilton County and brand new to the Geist/Fishers area.

Why Geist? Graham says Goodwill looks for a couple of things when scouting out a new area for a retail store. “We want to see residential growth like we still see throughout the Geist/Fishers area and we need people with stuff that they want to donate!” laughs Graham.

But, that is how Goodwill works, donations are accepted daily at Goodwill stores and the items are then sorted and put up for sale. Employees are hired to work the retail stores and revenue generated from the sale of the goods helps fund education and services in central Indiana for adults and youth. At the Geist/Fishers Goodwill store, as in other Goodwill retail stores, several employees were hired from the area. “We have 50 employees here at the new Geist/Fishers store,” says Graham, “26 of them are from the area.”

Along with putting some local residents to work, the new Goodwill store offers around 90,000 pieces of modern and vintage designer clothing, household items, furniture, books and toys. There’s even a full rack of swimwear in the front of the store — it’s never too early to think Spring! Graham says their shoppers know they’ll find quality, brand name merchandise at a fraction of the price. “That’s what makes it so great shopping at Goodwill,” says Graham, “not to mention the thrill of the hunt!”

Goodwill uses a color coding system that shows shoppers the original price and then the discounted price after a period of time. “Items are discounted until they sell,” explains Graham. “We don’t throw items away.”

Reward cards are also offered at the new store, donations can win you prizes! Store and Drive-thru Donation Center hours are 9am to 9pm Monday – Saturday and 11am to 7pm on Sunday. Welcome Goodwill!