From left to right: Joe Golden, Sue Albano, Drew Robinson, and Beth Hanover. Due to the coordinated efforts of these three heroes, Drew is here today.

“D, D, D, D-Bone” was the chant coming from the HSE High School Basketball fan section on December 16th against Zionsville. The nickname “D-Bone” has always been used to address the Varsity basketball player, Drew Robinson, who has always played power forward and center. This student has lived to tell a story of an amazing phenomenon that he’s endured.

On November 15th 2011, many HSE students and administrators witnessed a true miracle on 126th Street. During third period, pre-calculus class, a student who was taking notes suddenly collapsed for no apparent reason. This student, Drew Robinson, and star basketball player for HSE High School, had a cardiac arrest. His teacher, Joe Golden, a former EMT and firefighter, knew exactly what to do. He instructed one student to call 911 and another to go get a nurse. Meanwhile, Golden laid him flat on the ground.

Soon, Beth Hanover, a nurse, arrived to room B208. She and Golden began administering CPR. A student was directed to get the other nurse and the AED (Automated External Defibrillator.) This time, the other HSE nurse, Sue Albano, quickly arrived with the AED. Both nurses did CPR and then the AED was used to deliver a shock allowing his heart to resume to a normal rhythm. Together, Beth and Sue continued to do CPR as directed by the AED, until the Fishers Fire Department arrived. The paramedics transported Drew to the St. Vincent Medical Center.
After several days of testing, Drew underwent surgery to install an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD.) If his heart ever stops again, this device will automatically send a shock to keep his heart going.

Many are wondering, “What caused this to happen?” Drew has never had any health problems and has always been healthy. Ironically, just a few months earlier, Drew had an optional echocardiogram done through the school system for student athletes prior to the school year. His mom, Diane Robinson, remembers, “I wanted Drew to have this test done because it was offered through the school system at such an affordable rate that it would be crazy not to take advantage for any athlete.” His test results came out fine and he was ready to play HSE varsity basketball.

By having the echocardiogram done earlier in the year, the cardiologists were able to compare the test results from the past to the present in order to help with their prognosis. Doctors are not exactly sure yet what the root cause was for Drew’s cardiac arrest, as the test results are still pending.

The Right Place at the Right Time

“If something was going to have to happen, I’m glad it happened in my classroom where I could help Drew,” says Joe Golden, Math Teacher at Hamilton Southeastern High School. For seven years, Golden served as a Firefighter/EMT in Pike Township. This experience helped him orchestrate the spontaneity with which he made quick decisions within that brief episode (approximately 4 min.) until Drew’s heartbeat was restored. With his prior experience and EMT training, Golden knew what to do—from calling 911 to cutting the shirt for CPR preparation. This newfound hero continues, “I would have felt really bad if this incident would have happened to Drew just a few classrooms down the hall where I couldn’t have been any help for him.”

Not only was Drew lucky to have been in Golden’s classroom at the time of this incident, but he was also surprisingly close in proximity to the nurse’s office. Within a huge school of approximately 3,000 students, Mr. Golden’s classroom was amazingly only a few doors down from the nurses.

“I give it all to God,” says Beth Hanover, HSE nurse who displayed heroic efforts during this awe-inspiring event that happened during third period. “If this would have happened during the next period, Drew would have been in the “A” hallway which is on the other side of the school. I just can’t believe how close we were at time and how everything fell into place. It was like a miracle in itself.”

“We truly were his instruments,” says Sue Albano, the HSE nurse, and third hero who helped save Drew. “God guided our hands and actions and was responsible for the outcome. I felt his presence in the room that day.”

Diane Robinson, (Drew’s mother,) was touched by the awesome support she received from the HSE community especially the basketball coach, Brian Satterfield. She marveled at his continuous support including multiple visits to the hospital to see Drew, one of which involved the basketball team. She says, “Mr. Satterfield has been so supportive and kind. He has continued to make Drew feel like part of the team.”

On December 16th at HSE High School, the HSE Royals Basketball team defeated Zionsville. Just prior to the game, the three heroes were recognized, each receiving a framed autographed team poster and a $50.00 gift card to CR Heroes, a local restaurant. CR Heroes will recognize them as the heroes of the month. Near the end of the ceremony, the crowd began chanting, “D, D, D, D-Bone” and clapping for the student athlete that everyone has come to appreciate. Drew not only helps serve as a student coach to the HSE team, but also as a reminder that like he recently posted on Twitter, “You can’t take life for granted.”

In retrospect, Diane says, “I feel beyond blessed. There’s no mistake that he was where he was. God has plans for Drew…There’s something left for Drew he clearly hasn’t had the opportunity to fulfill yet — his purpose. Truly, it’s a miracle having him here today.”