Hello World Clothing Company founder Cynthia Wise has developed baby sleepers featuring zippers instead of snaps.

Have you ever had to change a diaper at three o’clock in the morning? You have one eye open, your baby is fussing, and you’re trying to snap the bottom of the kid’s pajamas. Frustrated and cursing under your breath you think; there has to be a better way! Enter Hello World Clothing Company.

Hello World® is the brain child of a loving mom, Cynthia Wise, who wanted an easier way for savvy parents to connect with the needs of their children and with their own world. “We realize that busy parents and children have one important common thread: each other. When your child shines the eyes of innocence in your direction, everything else is insignificant,” said Wise.

The first product was the SmartZip Sleeper. It comes in blue “Blue Me Away” and pink “Made Me Blush.” Both have brown accents. The sleeper has a two-way zipper that allows you to unzip from the top for traditional dressing, and it has an additional zipper pull at the bottom, so you can unzip from the bottom, where access is needed most during a diaper change. No more little arms wiggling out at the top when you want to change a diaper at the bottom!

“Our second product was the SimpleZip Pant,” added Wise. “This pant has a one way zipper at the inseam. This allows for one simple zip when changing the diaper. I loved the snap pants, but didn’t enjoy realigning them. And there weren’t very many on the market. I also would get frustrated when I would be in a public restroom and had to take the pants completely off as they would inevitably fall on the dirty floor. I wanted to simplify a sometimes very stressful situation for all caregivers.”

Wise also unveiled a new green color unisex sleeper, “Olive You More,” with sizes ranging from 0-24m.

Where were these gems when I was changing diapers?

Not only does this new company make great products, they understand that part of being in business is giving back to the community. Hello World Clothing Company has a giving back foundation that donates 5% proceeds of online sales to The Aidan Brown Foundation, a local charity that raises money to provide iPads to children in the hospital with cancer, in honor of Aidan Brown, who fought Neuroblastoma and won! They donate sleepers and 5% proceeds to The New Life Home Orphanage in Kenya through the Amani Foundation. This was inspired by a local girl in Wise’s daughter’s school, her family created the Amani Foundation to help support the orphanage where they adopted their daughter.

“We are currently working with a tube fed children’s organization. It turns out our sleepers are a great answer for tube fed babies. The two-way zipper allows for an opening anywhere along the body. The parents typically cut holes in clothes or use gowns. Our sleepers keep their babies warm and comfortable while keeping the tube in place. I get letters all the time from parents wanting bigger sizes and more colors. Our hope is to run a yearly holiday campaign to provide one sleeper to the foundation for every one sold on our site,” Wise stated.

Hello World made their first sale in June of 2009, they continue to grow and learn new things daily. Thoughts on being a business owner, what does it take? “Money! It takes money to start and keep going, but sales take time to catch up to that initial investment. I believe if you do your research, continuously ask questions and give it your all, you will succeed. In the end the business may fail, but at least I took a risk, had fun and learned a lot about myself. I also have more enthusiasm and less trepidation about launching new ideas.”

That’s good, because we love those zippers!

For additional information on products please visit: www.helloworldclothing.com