Nancy Reed (left) and Bryn Cieciura plan the specifics for the Fishers Tri Kappa sale.

Every girl should have the chance to buy an affordable prom dress to wear on one of the most special nights of her life. Though every young lady dreams about her special dress, unfortunately, some girls cannot afford one. YOU can help make someone’s dream become a reality by offering your prom dress.

Simply donate your gently-used prom or formal dress to Fishers Tri Kappa. The members of this reputable organization will clean, mend, and sell the dresses for a nominal price with proceeds going toward next year’s sale preparation and purchasing of new dresses. Although Tri Kappa has been a statewide philanthropic sorority since 1901, the Fishers chapter was established in 1991.

“When we host this event, this is not a fund raiser for us but rather a service project,” says Kim Goss, member of Fishers Tri Kappa Sorority. “We just want to help make beautiful prom dresses more accessible to everyone.” Attending today’s prom can become a costly package as most girls attempt to make sure they look perfect with their dress, hair, nails, and shoes.

6th Annual Fishers Tri Kappa Prom Dress Sale

The 6th Annual Fishers Tri Kappa Prom Dress Sale will take place on March 2, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Delaware Township Government Center located at 9090 131st Street (corner of 131st and Highway 37). Students must show a valid school ID and pay with cash. The dress sizes range from 0 to 18+ and may be any color, style, or length. Some jewelry and accessories will be available. The prices range from $10 to $40. Just imagine. Some girl could discover your “old” dress that will be “new” to her. She will feel as special as you did on prom night!

“Each sale signifies an absolute community outreach,” says Bryn Cieciura, co-chair of the prom dress sale committee. “We want to make sure that as we reach out to these various communities, we can offer a beautiful, large selection of dresses. We would like to stretch out to as many areas across Indy as possible, from Lawrence and Fishers to Pendleton and Anderson.”

Fishers Tri Kappa embraces these core values: Charity, culture, and education. In addition to the prom dress project, Fishers Tri Kappa stays busy organizing many charitable events throughout the year.

Fairy Godmothers Working Hard to Make Dreams Come True

“If we outfit even one girl, then it’s a success,” says Nancy Reed, co-chair of the prom dress sale committee. Nancy continues, “It gives you such a good feeling to see a girl find her dress. It’s usually someone who works hard. I remember when a girl came in one day and she had just gotten off of work as a waitress. She pulled out all her one dollar bills and started counting them. It was very touching.”

“During the sale we are all like mother hens, helping the girls try on their dresses,” says Cieciura. “We are running around ‘oohing’ and ‘ahhing’ over all the girls. We have a lot of fun helping them.”

How Do I Donate My Prom Dress?

If you would like to donate your prom dress to this most worthy cause, please send a message to and send to the attention of either Bryn Cieciura or Nancy Reed. Tax deduction forms are available for your donation.

Reed reminds us, “A lot of us have prom dresses hanging in our closets, collecting dust, with no purpose. Yet every girl should have the opportunity to feel perfect. Everyone deserves this moment and should have this chance.”