The staff at Cooper Tire are happy working in their warm garage. From left to right: Mike Morris, Shepard, Welton, Brad Cantu & Rick Jackson.

Cooper Tire located in McCordsville at 96th Street and Olio Road, just teamed up with Supreme Heat in Westfield. Whereas Cooper Tire used to pay to have their waste oil hauled away, now they recycle it. Recently, they bought a furnace from Supreme Heat that allows them to burn oil in a special furnace within their shop.

“The garage is real warm, around 60 to 65 degrees. Without the furnace, it was about 40 degrees,” says Bob Williams, owner of Cooper Tire. With the warmer working environment, our crew can deliver better quality service and better car diagnostics.”

Supreme Heat furnaces have been around since 1986 and were engineered by Roger Russell, president of Furnace Design Technology, LLC. After working with Russell Distributing for 25 years, Roger encountered his share of problems from other brands. As a result, a combination of trouble-shooting complications from other furnace brands and on-the-job experience prompted Roger to patent his own design of Supreme Heat furnaces that are sold to distributors around the country.

Roger Russell (left) who designed the Supreme Heat furnace, stands with Rick Jackson, (right) manager of Cooper Tire.

“We specialize in selling commercial furnaces that burn waste oil,” says Ron Russell, vice-president of Furnace Design Technology and son to Roger. “What people don’t realize is that waste oil is hazardous. If you produce it, you are responsible for it until it is disposed of properly.” In other words, if your truck is hauling away waste oil and gets into an accident with a spill, then your company is liable.

Why Not Burn It On Site?

Burning the waste oil on the premises from which it has accumulated makes perfect sense. Companies that compile crankcase oil and transmission fluid can generate free heat by burning oil in Supreme Heat furnaces. Ron adds, “Our furnaces burn the bad waste out of products, leaving ashes that can be put into a dumpster. Due to the economy and high cost of heating, after a certain amount of time the furnace pays for itself.” Plus, burning the oil on site prevents any spills when hauling it away so it’s less hazardous to the environment.

Comfort in Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Supreme Heat has built a reputation as having the most efficient and user-friendly furnaces in the business. Ron estimates that 90% of complications from units come from plugged lines (traces of metals in used oil). As a result, Supreme Heat offers two nozzle lines with each furnace that can be replaced by the customer very quickly.

“We do not advertise, so our business has grown by word of mouth. Our customers, like Cooper Tire, will hopefully refer us by passing along our outstanding product.”

So far, Cooper Tire owner Bob Williams has already started to spread the word when he boasts, “After investigating different furnaces to buy, I decided to go with Supreme Heat because they manufacture them locally. Plus, these furnaces are easier to repair than others. The guys at Supreme Heat did a great job on service and installation.”