Bright blossoms: 4 Tips for Spring Floral Arrangements

The bright blossoms of spring and early summer are a welcome sight this time of year. Their brilliant colors and sweet fragrances are a sure sign that warmer weather is to come. And according to Julie Hollis, of Julie’s Flowers of Geist, it’s easy to decorate your home and yard with the fresh spring blossoms you might find in your garden, at the farmers’ market or even at your local supermarket.

Not only is it easy to brighten up your life with flowers, it’s essential.

“After this winter, we need it! Flowers are an inexpensive and simple way to add a burst of color to what might otherwise seem gray or dreary,” Hollis said.

Flower arranging is an art, but that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated by it. Here are four tips from Hollis that amateur florists can use to create beautiful displays of spring and summer color with local finds.

1. Use what’s in season

Spring is a florist’s favorite time of year. For Hollis, that means using lots of seasonal flowers, many of which you might find growing in your yard or along the Fall Creek Trail.

“Use what’s available at the time to always have access to the freshest flowers,” Hollis said.

Right now, that means tulips, lilacs, daffodils and more. Hollis’ favorite flower, ranunculus, will appear later in the season. Hollis also suggests supplementing what’s growing in your yard with finds from the supermarket or florist shop to create a full, well-rounded arrangement.

2. Look all around for inspiration

Though Julie’s Flowers has been in business for the past 16 years, Hollis is always finding new sources of inspiration when it comes to putting together arrangements. She encourages you to look around for inspiration, especially in your yard.

“You can use so many things in floral arrangements,” Hollis said. “Try incorporating twigs, vines and wildflowers. Or consider adding spring branches and blooms. Dogwood, crabapple, sassafras and redbud all make beautiful additions to arrangements.”

3. Think about texture and color

Hollis is passionate about flowers and design. For her, that means incorporating both color and texture into her arrangements. Thinking about these two design elements can help DIY decorators add interest to your arrangement. Consider the items you’re using — the texture might be fuzzy, glossy, smooth or rough — and balance the texture by adding an opposite element.

4. Try a container garden

While cut flower arrangements are beautiful, Hollis suggests trying a container garden to add spring color to your home, garden or patio.

According to Hollis, pansies, snapdragons and other flowers are beautiful elements in container gardens.

“Container gardens are great to give as gifts,” Hollis said. “People love seeing things grow.”

She also encourages DIYers to get creative when choosing a vessel for their container gardens. As long as something can drain, it can be used for a garden. Right now, Hollis is honing a natural style with a vintage throwback look. Think about your personal style when choosing a container for the garden, and just go with it.

Hollis’ business, Julie’s Flowers of Geist, is a full-service floral design shop specializing in weddings and special events. For more information, visit or call 317-418-4546.

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